Pay with Crypto, Settle when you Want

– Secure, Multi-factor Tokenization based Sub-Cryptocurrency Payment Platform

– Allows for secure tokenization based payments using volatile cryptocurrency assets, while providing for currency application pre-settlement.

– RCD utilized for “reserved allocation” of cryptocurrency balance in stated wallet, while not requiring immediate flip to fiat currency.

– Unique risk-management algorithm applied to reserve currency balance, while allowing float.


– RCD authorized in real time at applicable fiat amount, and settlement to merchant in multiple optional structures and timeline (Time Based, or Credit Lines)


– Risk-management applied to ensure applicable fiat available at settlement date.


– Multiple Consumer options (Time Based Settlement, Credit Line Structures)

Consumer/Payment Process

Realtime Cryptoasset-based merchant payments in FIAT, with no currency/volitility risk. Finally, a Win, Win, Win:

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